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Time Gaps

Do you know what? We all say we do not have time for this and time for that, which is bullshit. If I asked you to rewind, retrace the steps you took during the day – I am telling you now, you would find what I call Time Gaps.

Why do we need to find Time Gaps?

Our breathing speeds up during the day, and we tend to shallow breath – using only the top part of the lungs – thus providing just a quarter of the oxygen our body could be receiving with healthy breathing. Our poor brain is rushed off its feet during the chaotic course of our daily life, and do not think it goes to sleep at night! While you do not know where you are during sleep, the brain’s lights are still on in the office, working on a backlog of stuff.

What can you do to alleviate the brain’s workload – I will tell you – in no uncertain terms – Meditate?

Breathing: Take a deep breath through the nostrils, slowly and smoothly – it should take at least three seconds to inflate the lungs fully. You should not feel like you are about to explode. Be sensible! After a three-second pause, allow your lungs to deflate slowly. Pause again for three seconds, and then repeat the breathing cycle. Ideally, if you are serious about oxygenating your body to the capacity you did as a baby, you should be performing seven breathing cycles per session.

Time Gaps: instead of sitting in the morning traffic bawling your head off at the old crow in the car in front – perform some breathing cycles. When you’re watching the negative news items repeating like a sick parrot on the TV, 24/7, you could exercise your lungs with breathing exercises. You get the picture.

Meditation: get up a half-hour earlier than usual in the morning or go to bed earlier to give yourself time for a twenty-minute meditation session. If you are sitting upright in bed meditating, and you drop off to sleep, so what! You will be as relaxed as a cat that had the cream of milk. Meditation is simply watching your thoughts. If your mind wanders, when you realise you have been away with the fairies, pick up where you left off; watch ideas coming and going, and don’t interfere with your thinking process.

With minimal effort, you will find Time Gaps all over the place. Seeing Time Gaps perform these exercises will improve the quality of your health and maximise your work output!

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