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Don’t you deserve a helping hand?

My late wife regularly visited a well-known healer, and on many occasions following a healing session, he would be violently sick down the toilet pan. I questioned him on this, and he explained that he often takes on the symptom/s of his patients. His answer left a long-lasting impression on me because it vividly illustrated how we take on each other symptoms in milder forms. As in the case of the healer, regularly receiving his patient's negative energy will eventually take its toll.

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s. Paramahansa Yogananda, when in America, enjoyed a cup of coffee. The following day, when he travelled down the hotel's stairs to breakfast, he looked forward to drinking coffee. At the dining table, he rebuked himself and refused to drink coffee. Although for Westerners, that might seem extreme, it illustrates how Yogananda perceived the invisible enemy (coffee) and stamped it out before becoming a slave to it.