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Fantasising is like dreaming while you are awake. It is independent of the cold, harsh world of reality. Fantasising is woven into our genetic infrastructures. A child’s mind is alive with fantasy. A boy thoroughly believes his toy train is real, journeying through signals, tunnels, and in and out of railway stations. A girl pushes her pram because her baby doll needs to go for a walk. Children needn’t question anything because they don’t have the billion and one conflicting ideas that grown-ups wrestle. It would be nigh impossible for the man in the street to return home and play with a toy train set and seriously believe the whole train trip to be real.

   Fantasy carves out the destiny of many people. Children fantasise about being a footballer, nurse, pop star or whatever. Their eventual spouse might be someone they fantasised about kissing for years. Men and women’s fanciful ideas and ambitions fall by the wayside as they gradually become bogged down in the earthly quagmire. Most adults have no time to fantasise, or if they do, no time to put fantasies into practice. The world, it seems, is moving too fast for desired destinies to fall into place. Meditation and visualisation apply the brakes to life and give adults time to jump back to the world of fantasy and spiritual existence. If you can fantasise, then you can experience yourself healthy, youthful, and spiritually content.

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Crazy Idea

When we were small children our senses were inundated with novelty. Throughout the process of growing up we get familiar with sights, sounds, and smells, etc., we experience generation loss. The flavour of an orange becomes ordinary to the brain. ‘Crazy ideas’ is a way of restoring all-new ideas which can stimulate the brain and body in a similar way after a child.  I have provided a crazy idea (see the film) of a rotating silver skull wearing the feathered hat together with tarot cards. If you are able to sit silently with your eyes closed and generate the picture of the scull behind the closed eyes, and remain with the picture for a few minutes, soon after you will get the infusion  of childish energy.  See whether you can come up with some crazy ideas. For example, a tiptoeing mermaid on a dance floor. Once you have your crazy idea sit down with your eyes shut and think about this for at least five minutes. I’m confident that you will shortly feel the benefits from practising with the crazy idea.

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Use you Brain to elongate your Cell-by-Date



   Our thoughts, minute-by-minute, are playing a significant role in the way our body is behaving. The parasympathetic/sympathetic nervous system cannot tell the difference between something that is powerfully visualized and something real. Image this: you sleepily walk in the bedroom, and mistake the cord of your dressing gown for a snake. You know what happens next! You jump out of your skin and run out of the bedroom. You stand on the landing, shaking like a half-blind one-day-old puppy. Eventually, you build up the nerve to creep back in the bedroom and look down at the carpet. You think, what a fool I’ve been – it’s not a snake lying on the floor, it’s the cord of my dressing gown. 

   Let’s zoom in on this with the camera lens – let’s analyze what just happened. Isn’t it true; to say we just completely fooled our nervous system by telling it we have a snake in the bedroom and cajoled our body to turn on the fight-or-flight response? When you jumped out of your skin at the sight of the snake, your body received an avalanche of biological chemicals that came together to give you the best shot of escaping the immediate danger.   

   Look at what the power suggestion can do!

   When we see and when we think it produces corresponding chemicals in our body – obviously not in such a dramatic way as when coming up against immediate danger. Negative/positive thoughts create matching chemicals. For instance, you might negatively respond to a person you dislike before he has even opened his mouth because a negative response to the individual automatically rises to the surface of your consciousness. Through inner discourse, we continuously manipulate our bodily functions and the distribution of our bodily chemicals.

   But aren’t we supposed to have free will? Isn’t having the ability to be able to think for ourselves and act out our desires the features that intellectually puts us above all other species on this planet?  Yes, this is true. Yet we don’t seem that much in control over ourselves. The brain is a computer, and all through life, we have programmed it to carry out regular operations we undertake, and we have programmed it to think for us when we are not consciously thinking. Our brain has limitless memory capacity. Whatever your age, if you want to learn how to speak and write French and Russian, and are willing to put in the time to program your brain with these two languages, then your personal biological computer will gladly accommodate the new information.  

   We have the power to program the brain with new thinking patterns and commands that will subsequently change bodily functioning and chemical distributions. Many moons ago, I decided to create some mind exercises in the hope that I might achieve some responses in the body to my work. I designed mind exercises to trick the nervous system in the same way you tricked your nervous system when you thought you saw a snake lying on the bedroom carpet. I decided to tell my brain and endocrine system by way of a repeated statement that ‘I am 7 years old, happy and healthy’. I started to see and feel responses to my work. I looked younger and felt younger. People who had no idea I worked on a mind program made comments about how young and healthy I looked. At the time of starting on my adventure, I regularly attended a self-help group – ‘Cancer Link’ – and many of the people attending this group either had cancer or were in remission and enjoyed many alternative therapies: meditation, guided imagery, aromatherapy, hand-on-healing, etc.  Many individuals in the self-help group were more than eager to allow me to put them on my mental exercise program. The positive results were staggering. I have included in the last chapter of this book some testimonials. 

   Spurred on by my responses and the cancer patients’ responses to the mental exercises, I have developed a comprehensive program designed to give you back some of your youthfulness and natural health.  

   Isn’t it time for you to rediscover the child within?  

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Escape the Negativity Through the Power of Your Imagination

The COVID -19 pandemic has completely changed our lives. Right now it is hard to look at a future that looks different to the present. We have yet to find a vaccine or proper treatment for COVID-19, but in the meantime, we have to shake the feeling of waking up to Groundhog Day.

So how do we cope?

We need to get out of this feeling of being stuck in the present – the sense of being at a standstill. Our mobility had become restricted, and the lockdown has also changed our perception of time.  We have lost all sense of long-term time.

Because of 24-hour news coverage gone are the days of impartial broadcasting – journalistic broadcasters tend to ’emotionalize’ their news, emphasising negative outcomes of a story – basically scaremongering. Negative headlines outperform positive headlines, because negativity attracts attention. There is evidence that we might be neurologically wired to focus on negative information. When we are surrounded by negative information 24/7 it makes us assume that things are more dangerous than they are.

If exposure to news is causing you feelings of hopelessness switch off the news then you have immediately disarmed the enemy. We have no way of knowing what the future might hold for us. But there is something that you can do in the meantime, and that is, to take an axe to the glass walls that are surrounding your time-capsule.

When authors are in the middle of writing their novels, they tend to go so deep into the narrative that they almost live in a parallel world to their real one; the locations, fictitious characters, and storyline (script) comes to life. I have written several short stories and novels, and I have lost hours at a time of real life travel, traversing make-believe worlds and following fantasies. If you did not but know it you are an unsung author; think back to how you had a vivid dream that made such an asteroid-like impact on your mind you still remember the dream as if you dreamt it last night.  In times, when we have experienced such fantastical dreams we find it difficult to believe our brain could have composed it. Where did that come from! So, now that we have established you have an author in you, let’s use this talent to help you to cope with your present day fears and anxieties.

Imagine if you could write a totally new life for yourself that has all the glitter and gloss of Hollywood. For instance|: you leave the house. You are looking amazing. You get into your silver new-limited top-of-the -range Mercedes AMG GTR PRO, and drive to Harrods. You meet your dashing/gorgeous lover (the person of your choice) for a meal at Perrier-Jouët Champagne Terrace at Harrods. The food, drink, and company are exquisite. In the afternoon, he/she flies you in their private jet to Tuscany, north Italy, where in the evening you will go to an open-aired opera in the ancient Roman amphitheatre in Verona. That evening, following the spectacular opera, you’ll stay at the Villa Barona eastern Tuscany: 10 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, 3 sitting rooms, 2 kitchens, and pool. Outdoor heated jetted tub, Games Room, Pizza Oven. Wine cellar, Air Conditioning, Accommodates 20 guests; where you will enjoy a night of unadulterated carnal pleasure. What! This is your life Baby!

The next day you travel in an Air Conditioned coach through the beautiful green heart of Italy to Jesolo, poised on the Venetian lagoon. You board a private yacht that sails you across the aquamarine green lagoon to Venice – one of Europe’s most romantic cities.  You meet up with friends at Piazza San Marco (the central square of Venice) and stay with friends in Venice for a few days. You are a young single woman, or happily married, or a wealthy eligible bachelor, so on and so on…

Create for your own pleasure a magical script. You can add to it and make changes to it. If you spend some time, every day, developing your storyline to keep it fresh, and virtually live in this fantasy world that will run parallel with your real world, you will feel exhilarated and eager to experience future episodes. Mentally living in an ultimate world will often have the effects of infusing you with chiLd like vigour. There is a very good chance that you will even begin to look and feel younger.  Isn’t it time to take a holiday from yourself?

Here are some tips to help you create and make the most of your new life.

(1) Compose Your Script

Think about a storyline in which you could write down all of those things you have always dreamt of having but known they will always be out of you reach. Your story is not for public consumption.  It doesn’t have to written in the style of Charles Dickens. Simply write down all of you fantasies in the style of writing you always use.

(2) Prepare for a Session of Visualisation

If you do not already have a hideaway, where you can sit for 10-20 minutes and not be disturbed, it will be in your best interest to try to find somewhere private and peaceful before you set out on your amazing inner journey.  Make yourself comfortable in a comfy chair and close your eyes. Give your breathing a couple of minutes to calm down, and when you feel that you have arrived at a state of tranquility, you may begin.

(3) Spontaneity

You do not have to stick rigidly to your script. Sometime things can happen spontaneously along the way of your journey just in the way of dreams. At times when this occurs, go with the flow; allow your imagination to run away with you. By doing this characters in your script will take on their own personalities and act seemingly off their own accord. It makes your fantasy life all that little bit more exciting – wouldn’t you agree? Your new life has no fixed time; you can go back in time or you can go forward in time. You get the picture!

(4) Turn Off the TV and Your Devices

Get into the habit of limiting how much time you spend on social media platforms.  Instead of watching news channels spend more time in your new life that runs parallel with your real life.


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Use the gift of visualization

How often have you thought of things along these lines? I don’t have time to amble through dense forest, or climb mountains to look out far and wide from their snowy-tipped peaks, let alone saunter along the tracks of a babbling alpine stream and stargaze at the bejeweled twinkling night sky. I barely have time to finish my coffee in the morning before I rush off to get to work on time!

In this day and age of rush, rush,  rush, it is true, we don’t have much time to go exploring nature, and many of us are committed to a job that requires our presence five to six days a week . And when most of us have a holiday we can’t exactly say, okay guys, we are going trekking up the mountain path of Kilimanjaro.  The children want to play on the beach and swim in the sea and go on the fairground rides. So a reasonable question would be – how on earth are we expected to find the time to go out and appreciation nature?  

 The answer is visualization.

Nobody is professing visualizing yourself walking beside the flowing river with the sun on your back, birds singing, and fresh air pouring into your lungs is exactly equal to the physically experience of an early morning stroll beside the river. I am stating, cultivating the art of strongly visualizing yourself on the nature walk is the next best thing.  God gave you and I the wonderful gift of an imagination. Imagination is limitless. From the confines of your office you can strongly visualize ‘you’  on the beach with rolling white surfs, sunshine,  gull flying overhead, and  receive the physical pluses you experience attending the beach in person. Your parasympathetic nervous system and sympathetic nervous system respond to your conscious or unconscious thoughts, ideas, and inner images. Conscious visualization is a most underrated human faculty; every invention from the comb to the microchip originated in the imagination of an inventor / forward thinker. However busy your life might seem I can assure you you can find time to use your gift of imagination/visualization to improve your lifestyle, health, and slow down premature ageing.

Take a few minutes to sit down, close your eyes, and breathe smoothly and deeply. When you feel relaxed, imagine a dense fir forest, a snow-tipped mountain, or see you sauntering along the tracks of a babbling alpine stream. If you find when you look behind closed eyes you see everything but your desired subject don’t fret because this is not uncommon. I can give you some tips that may help you to receive stronger inner images.

(1) Although you subconsciously visualize performing actions  a fraction of a second before you carry them out,  conscious visualization  require a lot of practise. So don’t expect to see TV-like images in your head from the word go.  If you diligently practise consciously visualizing, it will bring you an invaluable tool that can turn your life around.

(2) Find pictures of your chosen subject on line or in a book and study the pictures to help you can reproduce the images behind closed eyes.

(3) Some people find listening to gentle music while they visualize helps with their concentration. Try it, and see if this method suits you. 

(4) One year, on a holiday, I found a sandy path that led to cliff tops where I enjoyed a majestic view of a rugged bay with white capped waves crashing onto its deserted beach. I took photos along the path I walked and stills of the rugged bay on a wet and windy morning. I have often looked at the photos of that lovely walk to the cliff tops, and the stills of the rolling tides coming inshore, before I start my session of visualization. You might find this helpful.

If you would like some more information on the subject of imagination / visualization you might like to have a look at my book on Amazon. ‘Use your Brain to elongate your Cell-by-Date’.

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The Crane

Inner Master Guided Routines

Inner master Guided Routines are spontaneous movements that you can allow to come through your mind and body via you inner guide / higher self, or, as I describe in my bo, ‘The Inner Master’. For most of the time, we move in mechanical ways, and only occasionally divert from our set patterns, i.e., you have your hands full of kiddies’ toys, so you improvise and kick a kid’s ball to the other side of the room where all the toys are kept. In a way, Guided Routines are similar to improvising, only we are asking our higher self to guide the improvised movements. These movement spontaneously flow through the spirit, mind and body.

   Try this little exercise: move your arm up and down, left and right, while you keep the limb totally relaxed. Don’t tell the arm what to do. Just let it move and explore the air. This is what I call spontaneous movements. Practise this exercise, and routines will come through. Watch and go with the routines, do not force the issue. If you find you have what you feel is a significant spontaneous routine, however big or small, write the movements down. Write about how you felt during and after the routine. Practise the routine as often as time will allow. Practise ‘The Crane’ to give you the feel of new spontaneous movements. The routines should be practised in almost slow motion style.

I stand to attention (feeling calm and relaxed) and ask my Inner Master to guide my body. I am so thankful for being so fortunate enough to have had some wonderful guided routines come through to me using this method. I inhale and move my arms and wait for my Inner Master’s energy to flow through me. On this occasion, I asked, ‘Dear Inner Master, please guide my mind and body.’ I received this amazing routine.

   Stand upright with arms at the sides, and breathe freely. Imagine your arms are the powerful wings of a Crane. Outstretch your wings to shoulder height. Prepare to mimic a Crane’s huge wings in flight motion. Smoothly lift your outstretched arms (wings) as high as they will go and then lower them to the knees. Repeat this operation. Smoothly inhale on up strokes and exhale on down strokes. Your downy wings are longer than your arms therefore you can give a few extra inches to the rise and fall of your wing strokes. While in the standing position take a couple of minutes to get the feel of your wing motions. 

   Now you are going to take off; once airborne, try to feel the sensation of flying. Fly high into the sunset, soaring over evergreen forests and snow-capped mountains. The air is fresh against your cheeks. If you feel your arms (wings) aching, keep them outstretched, without upward and downwards strokes, and ride the thermals. (Enjoy the amazing sensation of gliding for a couple of minutes.)

   When you are ready, make your descent and swoop in to land in shallow water; join other cranes as they peck for fish and worms. Practise standing on one leg while flapping your wings in the classic crane posture.  Finally, peck your upper plumage clean. Imagine your chin is a long beak and pecking across the clavicles and the top and back of the shoulder blades. Be sure not to overstretch your neck.

   The first time I experienced ‘The crane routine’, I felt astronomically light… so light that I fancied I could physically fly!  The ‘crane routine’ develops powerful lungs. You can perform this exercise while standing or sitting down.   

The crane Alternative 1 (Absent healing)

   Absent healing is the art of sending healing to a patient in a far-off place. Patients have felt relief from severe pain and anxiety at the time a healer (perhaps on the other side of the world) sent healing energies. If you would like to send healing energies to a relative, or friend, then the ‘The Crane’ is an ideal carrier for healing energies. Try to visualise flying across land and sea to the place where the patient lies, enter the patient’s sickroom, and inhale on up strokes and exhale on down strokes of the wings, sending healing to the recipient.

The crane (Tip)

   Picture an angel’s soft downy wings to help you visualize the downy feathers of your long wide wings. See your long red beak and puffed out chest and pure white downy plumage. Observe your small black eyes and try viewing through them. To get the sensation of flying your might recall how you felt on a plane during take-off. Using fine detail in this way really brings the images you want to life.

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The lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic has enforced us to put a hold on our regular way of our life. It is the same for all us, which is most unusual, because normally things happen to us as individuals, say, the loss of a loved one, and that can change a person’s thinking and way of life, but this pandemic has caused a collective pause to life as we know it. The world has been subjected to the wrath of Nature herself, and never mind, be you queen or pauper; no one is impervious to her dark forces. However, there are different ways of looking at this interlude, and the result could conclude this historic period in our lifetime wasn’t all to do with negativity.    

We all have self-harming habits that have been bullying us for a long time, and the lockdown, stopping us from shopping, playing sports, drinking in pubs, clubs, eating junk food, gambling on machines, gorging on exotic foods in restaurants, indulging in clandestine extra marital affairs, and all the luxuries we take for granted, has broken many vicious circles that imperceptibly ran our lives. The temptation to pursue many of our set routines has been denied us, and the key to our makeshift prison cell (home), has been confiscated.

But have you not seen a bright yellow sun, peeping over the horizon, symbolising to you that many wonderful things have come out of the lockdown period. Has there not been a complete re-evaluation of your life and how you have been conducting it? Have you found an extra supply of money weighing down your trouser pockets because of these restrictions binding you to the house?  The other day I got in my car for the first time in weeks; I noted I had a full tank of petrol; I had no way of holding back the smile that crept across my face. I had to own up to the fact, I had not missed sitting behind the wheel, squeezing it like a stress ball, and roaring like a fire-breathing dragon at motorists because I was late for work or stuck in traffic.

There has been a lot of negative news about married couples becoming abusive to each other, through spending concentrated time in the close confines of their home, and I am sure frustrations in families have boiled over, but there are two sides to every coin, and you can’t tell me that some relationships during lockdown haven’t seen the flames of romance rekindled through spending quality time together.  

With teenagers there is a peer vs. family tug-of-war going on, and usually peers win because teenagers spend more time with their peers. They have much in common, such as music, schoolwork, dating and social media link-ups. It can appear to parents that their child is like a twig on the surface of a rippling brook flowing away into a distant horizon. During lockdown parents and children (teenagers) have been enforced to see more of each other and communicate in a physical sense rather than via mobiles and social media. In recent weeks the never ending stream of distractions for both parent and child have been eliminated, this has allowed parents and children to form new, stronger bonds and realise how much they have been missing through having hectic lifestyles.

On a spiritual level, the pandemic has been an awakening for the world as well as the individual, and ‘awakenings’ often leaves a person standing at the crossroads of life and making the choice to take a new path.  I just hope that when we eventually pick up from where we left off in life, we take some of our newly formed habits with us and uphold some of the values the lockdown has taught us. I know that I most certainly have reshaped my life during lockdown and I will be reluctant to go back to many of my old ways of living.

1) Write down what you feel were negatives in your life pre-lockdown.

2) Write down what you think have been the positives for you during the lockdown period.

3) Write down the positives you would like to take with you into post-lockdown.  

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The blue pool

The blue pool

Follow this visualization to find inner peace and harmony. Leave the external world for 10 minutes or so….

Is this visualization, I stand in a perfumed garden admiring flowers and plants that radiate every color of the rainbow. I follow the flight of two bright orange butterflies, walking on glistening grass through a beautiful pink and violet-flowered archway. Through the archway, I continue to stroll, with a blue river flowing beside me…
The butterflies bring me to a heavenly place where the blue river cascades into a large blue pool. Stepping stoned descend from the river bank to the pool. I gracefully float down over the stepping stones to the water’s edge. I emerge my body in the blue healing pool. A white swan glides on the water and a white dove flies overhead and tall pink flowers populate the banks. The overreaching branches of a River Birch shade the pool…
In the next vision I sit crossed-legged, with my eyes gentle shut, hovering a few inches above the surface of the majestic pool. Here in this celestial world, where I am safe and joyful, I enjoy the sound of the cascading water and the tranquility that surrounds me…

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Ancient Inner Master

The Ancient Inner Master

It is so important to take a break from the material world. In visualization, as in dreams, all things are possible. Everything we do has been visualize beforehand. Therefore we can visualize and materialize our greatest wishes. In this short visualization I meet the father of my Inner Master (inner guide). Settle down in your private place, and when your breathing is smooth and deep, behind gently closed eyes, follow this story…

I met the vixen beside the flowing river. It was a scorching hot day. The fox showed me her new cubs. Stroking them was difficult because the brown furry cubs jumped about as they played. I walked alongside the glittering river. I hopped over some stepping stones, where the rippling icy water cascades over a small ridge and then continues its journey, to the other side of the riverbank. Two orange seahorses met me there. I mounted one of the seahorses and held on to its spiky neck. The water horses flew high in the air and over the wooden district. We seemed to fly for miles over fir tree populated woods and towards snow-tipped mountains in the far distance.
The seahorses descended, and soon we landed in the lowlands of the snow-tipped mountain regions. An old man with white hair and a long flowing white beard greeted me like I was his long lost friend. We sat beside a burning log fire. He spoke in mellifluous tones.
‘Hello, Robert. I am your Inner Master’s father. I am thrilled to see you.’
The ancient Inner Master’s body vibrated with a gold-violet surround. Regardless of old age he moved with feline grace. Ancient wisdom glowed in his chocolate colored eyes. His warm embrace melted me with the force of his unconditional love. I sat for a while with my Ancient Inner Master bathing in his powerful light and sipped chamomile tea with the scent of jasmine all around. When it was time, reluctantly, I said goodbye to my Ancient Inner Master. The orange seahorses returned. We flew over the dark-green woods and to the riverbank. The seahorse bowed and waited for me to dismount before they flew away across the deep reddish-purple sky. I hopped over the stepping stones and walked beside the glistening river to where I set out on my amazing journey. Before opening my eyes to the material world I recited my affirmation: ‘Inner Master, please guide me, mentally, physically, and spiritually’