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Don’t you deserve a helping hand?

My late wife regularly visited a well-known healer, and on many occasions following a healing session, he would be violently sick down the toilet pan. I questioned him on this, and he explained that he often takes on the symptom/s of his patients. His answer left a long-lasting impression on me because it vividly illustrated how we take on each other symptoms in milder forms. As in the case of the healer, regularly receiving his patient's negative energy will eventually take its toll.

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s. Paramahansa Yogananda, when in America, enjoyed a cup of coffee. The following day, when he travelled down the hotel's stairs to breakfast, he looked forward to drinking coffee. At the dining table, he rebuked himself and refused to drink coffee. Although for Westerners, that might seem extreme, it illustrates how Yogananda perceived the invisible enemy (coffee) and stamped it out before becoming a slave to it.

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Do we time jump?

One day, driving home, a 'Leggett Removals' lorry pulled out in front of me. Had I not just been thinking about a girl, Susan Leggett, for the first time since my school days, I would not have thought anything of this event. The coincident haunted me. What are the odds of a lorry, bearing the girl's name I'd just thought of, crossing my path? I'd say 1,000 000 to 1.

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I forget to self-heal

Suppose you suffer from a chronic condition, such as asthma, arthritis, emphysema, etc. In that case, you will be all too aware of the daily slog of putting up with your symptom. From the moment you get up, your enemy is ready to pounce. Some days are worse than others. There is no relent. Even if you have a good day, the foe is waiting to punish you for enjoying a pain-free day. This constant fight against symptoms dictates the kind of day you will have. We have our morning drug ritual involving an asthma pump, swallowing various pills, and attending to our wounds. We visit the hospital and undergo uncomfortable examinations and tests. We hear our consult informing us that our condition has deteriorated, we need more drugs or surgical procedures.

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Do we have a soulmate? 

The yogis believe a soul mate is a friend from a past life. Both your souls have surpassed the body shell in death and met again in this new incarnation. The great Indian Saint, Parmahansa Yogananda, met several soulmates (past life acquaintances) in his lifetime. The illumed yogi found himself attracted to a person and knew a particular relationship would transpire. Occasionally, the guru remembered a friend and their association in a previous life.