Elderly patients who get no visitors when they are in hospital

“Two-fifths (40%) of patients on UK hospital wards get no visitors, say the NHS nurses who care for them.”

I was horrified to read there are so many patients in hospital who get no visitors, but I think this is going to be a growing concern. Homo sapiens are living longer, but their health is not standing the test of time. For the elderly, the list of age-related physical and mental/ailments is as long as the line of hopefuls queuing up to audition for ‘Britain’s Got Talent.’ Elderly people often see their loved ones and friends pass away, to leave them without a friendly familiar face to cheer them up. I have heard many stories of elderly patients who have offspring who fail to visit because of a busy lifestyle, i.e., work commitment, finding a babysitter, and so on.

“The Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in London has “bleep volunteers” – people who help fetch drugs from the pharmacy and deliver them to the ward so that patients can go home quickly once they have been discharged.”

Hospitals are training volunteers who might give a couple of hours a week to help out in wards, even if it is simply pouring a glass of water, peeling an orange, or taking a tray away after a patient has finished eating. Volunteers might offer patients with no means of transport a lift to and from hospital, and settle them in when they arrive home. This scheme is amazing, but hospital can’t bring an elderly patient’s loved ones back to the world, and nurses and volunteers can’t tend to lonely patients, full-time. So what’s to be done?

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I believe if a patient, or any person for that matter, could learn to consciously visualize, he/she would find all-round life enrichment.

You and I have our very own higher Self, the person to whom that inner voice belongs. However, the inner voice seldom has the chance to play an important role in our thinking and actions because we tend to ignore it. Through the practice of certain visualization techniques we can reconnect to our higher Self and find guidance, permanent friendship, and happiness. In these modern times people are magnetized to the external world and all that goes with it. This is a shame, because meanwhile, the inner-ness or spirit of a person burns down to a wavering feeble flame.

The answer may well lie with each one of us: if we could learn to visualize and affirm certain positive statements while we are well we need never feel lonely and isolated. A bed-bound patient who has learnt to a reasonable degree how to consciously visualize could go on a day-trip to the seaside, or walk over twinkling bright green meadows and on to a waterfall with a turquoise healing pool. The responses to these powerful fun-packed brain exercise are staggering beneficial.

In my book/manual – “Use Your Brain To Elongate Your Cell-By-Date” you can read testimonials of terminally ill people, sports people, entertainers, and read how they rediscovered themselves and experienced healing and age reversing  responses to my book of visualizations/affirmations, and contemplation.




Do you know that you are a natural born creator? As a child you had no trouble bringing a toy soldier to life and sending it off to war, or believing that your doll was real and needed motherly love. Let yourself go and allow your childlike imagination to take the reins. Think the most illogical things that you can, then incessantly repeat these illogical ideas within the brain. The brain will electrify with pure cosmic energy. It is what the brain yearns for but rarely gets. That is why the brain becomes sluggish; it likes new stuff, not the old and dull that occupies every minute of the day. No wonder the brain reacts to absurdity by filling your heart with gladness and your veins with childlike energy, for the brain is reborn, consciously reborn by you, the higher self.

Harr the OctopusPrepare for meditation in the careful way you always do and bring your absurdity to the foreground of your mind, for instance: ‘An octopus playing basketball’. See the weird creature juggling the ball between eight sinewy tentacles; imagine the super speed that he could bounce the ball using each of his slippery arms. In your mind’s eye create a game for ten minutes using the octopus dribbling and spinning the ball while the other tall lanky basketball players helplessly trying to get back the ball. Give the eight-armed star a face and a name; he must become real to your senses. Perhaps you brushed past him in your attempts to recapture the ball; imagine how wet and slippery he must feel. He would smell of the sea and fish, and on the rare occasion you hold the ball it has all these sea elements on its surface.

Absurdities rekindle childlike patterns throughout the brain and body; in terms of sense datum the practitioner’s biological clock immediately rewinds. Continue in this way to deeply impress upon your brain the ideas of your new absurdities. See if you can come up with at least one bizarre or illogical concept a day. Remember that absurdities lie in books, television, and in real life.

The Crane Routine

‘Stand in tadasana (upright with arms at the sides), and breathe freely. Imagine that your inner guide is about to steer your body. Envisage your arms are long powerful wings. Lift the wings out to the wooded cross shape, so they are horizontal. Then lift your arms up and down like a huge bird in flight. Gently inhale on the up strokes and exhale on the down strokes. Imagine that your downy wings are longer than your arms; give a foot of rise and a foot of fall at the ends of your strokes.


Now experience lifting off accompanied by the wonderful rising sensation of flying. Fly high into the sunset soaring above the uppermost tips of evergreens and high over snow-capped mountains. The air is fresh against your cheeks and thermals lift and lower you gently; these are times to take a rest. When you’re ready, make your descent and swoop in to land in shallow water and join other cranes as they peck for fish and worms. Practice standing on one leg then the other while flapping your wings in the classic crane posture.

Finally, peck your upper plumage clean. Imagine your chin as a long beak pecking across the clavicles, and the top and backs of the shoulder blades. Be sure not to over stretch your neck while pecking the tops and backs of the shoulder blades.

Absent Healing

Absent healing is the art of sending healing to far-off places. Patients have felt relief from severe pain and anxiety at the exact time of a healer (perhaps on the other side of the world) sending his /her healing energies. If you would like to send healing energies, and love to a relative, friend, or  perhaps little children in third world countries, then the ‘Crane Routine’ is an ideal carrier. Visualize flying across land to the place where the patient lies, enter the room and breathe out your healing energies upon the recipient/s.

The first time I experienced ‘Crane Routine’, I was left feeling astronomically light… so light I fancied that I might physically fly! The ‘Crane Routine’ develops powerful lungs and may be practiced while sitting down.

Taken from ‘Use Your Brain to Elongate Your Cell-By-Date’


Many people who have experimented with ‘Use Your Brain’ have come back to me with reports of all kinds of responses to the metal work they put into affirming their child-age affirmation, visualizations, and meditations. One woman, Valerie, recently explained to me that she hadn’t really expected to get any major responses from working with the program, but decided to go through the motions of working with the child-age affirmation because it sounded so promising and a lot of fun. Valerie’s true story of how her eyesight returned to normal following her work with child-age 12, as miraculous as it may sound, doesn’t astonish me.  In the beginning, when I discovered the trick to de-ageing and finding spiritual happiness I used myself as a guinea pig and enjoyed an array of wonderful responses to my mental work.  Then I discovered it worked for people of all walks of life, if they were prepared to put in some mental work. Not only did I take note of the physical changes that happened to me,  so too did other people, i.e., a person I might not have seen for a while would comment on the fact that they thought I looked younger than the last time they had seem me.  Valerie elaborates:



‘I read ‘Use your brain to elongate your cell-by-date’ and decided to start doing the visualizations. I started to recite the affirmation: ‘I am 12 year old. I am happy and healthy.’ I went on line and found comics I read when I was 12. I found looking at the comics (Bunty) that I hadn’t seen in years took me back to my bedroom at home when I used to sit and read. I started regularly visualizing using the images of comics I found on line as a tool to get clearer pictures in my head of 12-year-old me. I do a lot of work on my laptop and would be lost without my glasses, but after a few days of doing the visualizations, going back to 12 years old, I noticed I couldn’t see as well with my glasses on. I took them off and discovered my vision was better without them, and from that day my eyesight went on to improve so much I now no longer wear glasses for reading. I can read very small print clearly, and my eyesight is as good as it was when I was 12 years old.  I have also noticed a great improvement in my sense of smell.’

Why don’t you, reader, start to talk to your brain and body by using the fun-packed exercises in ‘Use Your Brain’.