Visualization (child-age affirmation)

I swam in a calm ocean; I relaxed, bobbing up and down with the waves during rest periods. I found myself accompanied by friendly, clicking, dolphins. They dove in and out of the deep-blue water, escorting me to a far-off deserted island. I espied the shore with mountains in the far background and palm trees, white sand, and waves breaking on the beaches in the foreground.

I arrived…

On the wet beach I used a branch to inscribe in deep lettering… ‘I am 9 years old’. I found a large tin can with a pouring lip, and having broken several coconuts filled the can with coconut milk.  I poured the milk into my child-age affirmation in the sand. I sat and recited the child-age affirmation while looking at the brilliant-white lettering in the sand.


Something strange and wonderful happened…

I saw myself as a schoolboy in uniform… school cap and all. I was throwing a small wooden ball at coconuts on a coconut shy at a funfair. I heard the ‘tink’ as the ball hit the tin bowl the coconut sat in. This spontaneous ‘flashback’  looked like a scene from a schoolboy comic – the’ Victor’ or ‘Dandy’. The flashback was enriching and energizing; I felt totally buzzed up.


What have you seen, heard, or touched today, that you have never encountered in your life before? The well of new things to see and do gradually runs dry as we get older. A ‘first’ (a virginal sight or sound, etc) is like a rare butterfly sighting. But this can all be changed, for we have an amazing power-tool called the imagination. By using the imagination we can invent, create, even lie to ourselves and discover ‘firsts’ (new inputs).

Why should I want to invent or create?pizap.com15670987476612

Briefly, we are all familiar with the ‘fight or flight’ phenomenon. Imagine that one night you witness an alien craft landing on marshes; a hatch opens and a two-headed skeletal creature with wings and two sets of red eyes floats towards you. From the tiny hairs on the back of your neck to the beating of your heart, a full-scale chemical avalanche showers the brain, body, and soul. It might be that prior to the spaceship sighting your life had been little more than a robotic existence; so this ‘encounter of the third kind’ induces a very rude awakening. You will remember the UFO sighting for the rest of your life. The brain is jogged by a major event – something new and/or absurd. Children live in a world of absurdity, they have yet to see and know it all; for them, there still exists skeletons in cupboards, fairies at the bottom of the garden, and Santa Claus in Lapland! This newness, ‘firsts’, is unlike normal brain energy; general run-of-the-mill brain stuff doesn’t require extra attention, but absurdity does. Think strongly enough about the alien craft and the alien being, and shortly the child-like buzz will rush through your veins. A new idea enters the brain (pure essence of mind) and has no friends (matching data); it is an absurd/new concept. Your eyes can hardly keep up with children playing in a playground because they are full to the brim with biological energy. Children, because all is new/absurd to them, ceaselessly convert virginal sensory input into energy (pure essence of mind). The more energy the child expends the more the body reproduces. The child perpetually sees new, and burns energy to leave room for more newness.

Contemplate for a few minutes on the following example:

‘A passenger plane with bird wings, legs, and feet.’


I imagine slowing down my heart beat.  I allow time for my breathing to fall deep and rhythmic, like baby breathing.  I become still and peaceful: the perfect inner setting for meditation.


I recite (verbally or mentally), ‘I am 11 (any age) years old, happy and healthy’, and imagine breathing lungs with the elasticity and expansion capacity of 11-year old me… I note  my abdominal organs are in peak condition, as at age 11… I mentally sit behind my eyes and visualize brilliant-white healing vapor disbursing flecks in my eyes, and picture pulling the retina muscles taunt to improve my eyesight, subsequently, I see as well as at age 11… I turn my attention to the instrument of hearing. I visualize  sowing seeds to grow new hair cells of the inner ear, subsequently, I hear as well as when at age 11… I send brilliant-white healing vapor to olfactory cells. The vapor disposes of polyps and nasal congestion, allowing me to smell the world as well as at age 11. I slowly come out of meditation and gently stretch.

Visit your ‘Inner Pharmacy’ and in meditation visualize yourself back to the fitness of 11-year old you. Believing is the beginning of all healing.