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The lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic has enforced us to put a hold on our regular way of our life. It is the same for all us, which is most unusual, because normally things happen to us as individuals, say, the loss of a loved one, and that can change a person’s thinking and way of life, but this pandemic has caused a collective pause to life as we know it. The world has been subjected to the wrath of Nature herself, and never mind, be you queen or pauper; no one is impervious to her dark forces. However, there are different ways of looking at this interlude, and the result could conclude this historic period in our lifetime wasn’t all to do with negativity.    

We all have self-harming habits that have been bullying us for a long time, and the lockdown, stopping us from shopping, playing sports, drinking in pubs, clubs, eating junk food, gambling on machines, gorging on exotic foods in restaurants, indulging in clandestine extra marital affairs, and all the luxuries we take for granted, has broken many vicious circles that imperceptibly ran our lives. The temptation to pursue many of our set routines has been denied us, and the key to our makeshift prison cell (home), has been confiscated.

But have you not seen a bright yellow sun, peeping over the horizon, symbolising to you that many wonderful things have come out of the lockdown period. Has there not been a complete re-evaluation of your life and how you have been conducting it? Have you found an extra supply of money weighing down your trouser pockets because of these restrictions binding you to the house?  The other day I got in my car for the first time in weeks; I noted I had a full tank of petrol; I had no way of holding back the smile that crept across my face. I had to own up to the fact, I had not missed sitting behind the wheel, squeezing it like a stress ball, and roaring like a fire-breathing dragon at motorists because I was late for work or stuck in traffic.

There has been a lot of negative news about married couples becoming abusive to each other, through spending concentrated time in the close confines of their home, and I am sure frustrations in families have boiled over, but there are two sides to every coin, and you can’t tell me that some relationships during lockdown haven’t seen the flames of romance rekindled through spending quality time together.  

With teenagers there is a peer vs. family tug-of-war going on, and usually peers win because teenagers spend more time with their peers. They have much in common, such as music, schoolwork, dating and social media link-ups. It can appear to parents that their child is like a twig on the surface of a rippling brook flowing away into a distant horizon. During lockdown parents and children (teenagers) have been enforced to see more of each other and communicate in a physical sense rather than via mobiles and social media. In recent weeks the never ending stream of distractions for both parent and child have been eliminated, this has allowed parents and children to form new, stronger bonds and realise how much they have been missing through having hectic lifestyles.

On a spiritual level, the pandemic has been an awakening for the world as well as the individual, and ‘awakenings’ often leaves a person standing at the crossroads of life and making the choice to take a new path.  I just hope that when we eventually pick up from where we left off in life, we take some of our newly formed habits with us and uphold some of the values the lockdown has taught us. I know that I most certainly have reshaped my life during lockdown and I will be reluctant to go back to many of my old ways of living.

1) Write down what you feel were negatives in your life pre-lockdown.

2) Write down what you think have been the positives for you during the lockdown period.

3) Write down the positives you would like to take with you into post-lockdown.  


The impenetrable Bubble Routine



How often have you allowed another person to bring you down to their low level of frequency (dark energy)? When this happens the negative person feeds off your bountiful supply of positive energy. Or simply drags you down in the quagmire with them. There are a lot of negative people in this world. This charges the air with destructive energy. A black cloud of harmful energy can hang for years over regions in the world. Take Hong Kong and there demonstrations against China last year: what happened next? China went into lock-down with the corona-virus. This virus spread globally.

Unfortunately our world has more negative energy than positive energy. It is not only people posing the danger of exhausting your energy – simply turn on the TV and you’ll be bombarded with negative images of wars, terrorism, violent demonstrations, starving children, and much more. The most frightening thing is that we become hardened to the injustice and atrocities of this world. Dark energy is contagious and airborne.  People regularly transmit malign energy to one another.  Enter a negative person’s space and the chances are you’ll be contaminated. Then it can take a long time to find your natural waveband. indeed if you ever re-tune to your frequency.


Don’t get me wrong, the world isn’t all doom and gloom. We have seen the girl who walks in the room and all heads turn. She is magnetic. She oozes charisma from every pore her body. The men find her irresistible. Not in a sexual way, but purely for her uplifting personality. The wives raise an eyebrow, but they can’t help but like her too. She attracts people. She has almost a spiritual quality about her.  This person exudes positive energy. She is almost impossible to contaminate because she wears a suit of armour, in terms of positive energy.  We may not have her innate bubbly charisma, but we can protect ourselves against the lower realms where dark energies thrive. So, can we find a way to get out of this negative maze? Yes! We can shield ourselves from damaging energy. Yes! The Impenetrable Bubble Routine can serve as a defensive force field against the dark invaders. Introducing the Bubble into your life will enhance your powers of visualizing. It will bring you confidence when you feel threatened by negative energy.  It will bring you spiritual warmth. The Bubble could almost be thought of as Guardian Angel. So let’s perform The Impenetrable Bubble Routine.

Retire to your private place which can be either indoors or outdoors.  Check that you have enough room to stretch your arms in all directions. Stand up straight. Part your legs comfortably, lift your shoulders up, gently pull them back, and relax; the new alignment pleasantly lifts the rib-cage and liberates the lungs. Enjoy the pleasant release of pressure from the rib-cage area for a few moments, breathing gently like a baby.

The impenetrable Bubble Routine

When you are ready to begin this exercise raise your arms high above your head while placing the palms of your hands together so that you are making a long triangle. Imagine that you are now going to draw a huge circle around you with your index fingers acting as magic markers and that this will be a bubble in which you are going to perform all your new exercises.  While still holding the triangle shape with your raised arms, point your index fingers at the ready; without bending the arms lower them outwards so that they make the shape of a wooden cross; continue lowering them until the palms meet in the middle area of your body. Imagine that the magic markers continue all the way to the floor so that you’re standing in a bubble. Remain standing for a few moments imagining that you are standing in a large white bubble.

While standing in your newly created bubble inhale a full breath, and during a pause, imagine turning the breath crimson. Then slowly exhale whilst visualizing crimson vapour pouring from your mouth. Continue inhaling, and blowing out crimson vapour, gradually filling the bubble with crimson. If crimson vapour isn’t immediately seen, fear not, for this is normal. Dedication and faith allows you to visualise the crimson vapour, and with each exhalation you’re colouring the bubble crimson. Once mastered, if left under the starry vault, then you’d encircle yourself and colour the circle crimson to keep warm.  If you were left in the midday heat of the Sahara desert then you’d encircle yourself and colour the circle icy white. If in pain with disease you’d encircle yourself with purple-blue or aquamarine-green, the colours of healing energy. If confronted by negative people or negative images on TV, and so on, you’d encircle yourself and colour the circle pure purple, the colour of spirituality.

Try this exercise at home until you can feel as though you are standing in your protective circle. When you next go out shopping or visiting, before you leave home visualise the impenetrable bubble and fill it with the appropriate coloured vapour to protect you from negative energy. If you persevere with this exercise it will become natural to you to instantly produce your force field to protect you from negativity.  Read more about the Impenetrable Bubble in my book –

‘Use your Brain to elongate your Cell-by-Date’.