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Use you Brain to elongate your Cell-by-Date



   Our thoughts, minute-by-minute, are playing a significant role in the way our body is behaving. The parasympathetic/sympathetic nervous system cannot tell the difference between something that is powerfully visualized and something real. Image this: you sleepily walk in the bedroom, and mistake the cord of your dressing gown for a snake. You know what happens next! You jump out of your skin and run out of the bedroom. You stand on the landing, shaking like a half-blind one-day-old puppy. Eventually, you build up the nerve to creep back in the bedroom and look down at the carpet. You think, what a fool I’ve been – it’s not a snake lying on the floor, it’s the cord of my dressing gown. 

   Let’s zoom in on this with the camera lens – let’s analyze what just happened. Isn’t it true; to say we just completely fooled our nervous system by telling it we have a snake in the bedroom and cajoled our body to turn on the fight-or-flight response? When you jumped out of your skin at the sight of the snake, your body received an avalanche of biological chemicals that came together to give you the best shot of escaping the immediate danger.   

   Look at what the power suggestion can do!

   When we see and when we think it produces corresponding chemicals in our body – obviously not in such a dramatic way as when coming up against immediate danger. Negative/positive thoughts create matching chemicals. For instance, you might negatively respond to a person you dislike before he has even opened his mouth because a negative response to the individual automatically rises to the surface of your consciousness. Through inner discourse, we continuously manipulate our bodily functions and the distribution of our bodily chemicals.

   But aren’t we supposed to have free will? Isn’t having the ability to be able to think for ourselves and act out our desires the features that intellectually puts us above all other species on this planet?  Yes, this is true. Yet we don’t seem that much in control over ourselves. The brain is a computer, and all through life, we have programmed it to carry out regular operations we undertake, and we have programmed it to think for us when we are not consciously thinking. Our brain has limitless memory capacity. Whatever your age, if you want to learn how to speak and write French and Russian, and are willing to put in the time to program your brain with these two languages, then your personal biological computer will gladly accommodate the new information.  

   We have the power to program the brain with new thinking patterns and commands that will subsequently change bodily functioning and chemical distributions. Many moons ago, I decided to create some mind exercises in the hope that I might achieve some responses in the body to my work. I designed mind exercises to trick the nervous system in the same way you tricked your nervous system when you thought you saw a snake lying on the bedroom carpet. I decided to tell my brain and endocrine system by way of a repeated statement that ‘I am 7 years old, happy and healthy’. I started to see and feel responses to my work. I looked younger and felt younger. People who had no idea I worked on a mind program made comments about how young and healthy I looked. At the time of starting on my adventure, I regularly attended a self-help group – ‘Cancer Link’ – and many of the people attending this group either had cancer or were in remission and enjoyed many alternative therapies: meditation, guided imagery, aromatherapy, hand-on-healing, etc.  Many individuals in the self-help group were more than eager to allow me to put them on my mental exercise program. The positive results were staggering. I have included in the last chapter of this book some testimonials. 

   Spurred on by my responses and the cancer patients’ responses to the mental exercises, I have developed a comprehensive program designed to give you back some of your youthfulness and natural health.  

   Isn’t it time for you to rediscover the child within?  

Why not take the opportunity to download my book: ‘Use your Brain to elongate your Cell-by-Date’ free of charge. It is on a special offer for four days.

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A Day Trip Visualization


We are going into the magical world of visualization… allow your imagination to recreate the past.  

   Imagine waking up in your bedroom (one you slept in as a child), full of excitement; today is the day you are going on a trip to the seaside.  You smile and hop out of bed ready for the adventure. You hear the noise of everyone bustling about. You quickly get washed and dressed and go for breakfast. The chatter is all about the things you’ll need for the day. Your plastic bucket and spade, multi-coloured beach ball, your swimming costume and towel and anything else you need. You eat breakfast and gather your things together…  It is time to go.  

   Your journey begins with a ride on a steam locomotive, which chugs along the sunny countryside and through long dark tunnels and you hear the whistle blow at the stations… the smell of the engine and the steam is strong in your carriage. You are first to spot the sea. You are there! You can feel the sea breeze and smell the salty seaweed as the train hisses to a halt and all the carriage doors fly open and everyone gathers up their bags and hurries off the train… You arrive at the beach. It is ice cream weather!  Deckchairs are put up and towels are laid out on the warm sand… You hear summer songs playing on a transistor radio. A grown up rubs sun cream onto your face and body. The tide is out and you watch baby crabs playing in rock pools, collect pretty seashells and pebbles, and later, with your bucket and spade, you build sandcastles.  It is lunch time and the picnic begins… it’s full of goodies…there are jam sandwiches, and ham sandwiches and there are biscuits and crisps and a flask of tea and a bottle of pop. As you enjoy this feast squealing seagulls and distant waves makes you eager for more fun on the beach. You rush to join the other seated children as the punch & Judy show is about to start.  As the show goes on, the children shout out ‘he’s behind you’ and punch replies, ‘oh no he’s not’, ‘oh yes he is’… when the curtains close you go to the ice cream shop and buy a juicy lolly…  

   The tide is now coming in, and you run and splash through the gentle waves as you chase the beach ball. The sun is setting by the time you come back to your deckchairs and towels, everyone is packing up to leave the beach. You go to the noisy arcade and play on the machines, you like the Penny Falls and the One Arm Bandit where you win silver sixpences. On your way out you can’t help laughing with the Laughing Policemen. The bright lights now draw you to the fun of the fair. You have a ride on the Big Wheel, and you slide on a coconut mat down the Helter-Skelter.  

   You all meet up outside the Ghost Train and decide on fish and chips for dinner. Heading along the promenade the air is full of the smells of salt and vinegar and fish and chips frying. You sit on the sea wall eating your fish and chips with a buttered roll and a pickled onion out of the newspaper wrapping. It is time to go home and you head for the train station. Because you are tired, the rhythm of the train soon sends you to sleep. Back home, tucked in bed you drift off remembering the adventures of the day.  

  And now it is time to return to full waking consciousness… take a deep breath and become aware of your physical body once again… in your own time open your eyes and gently stretch.   

   Remember how you felt before, during, and after the ‘Day Trip’.  Acknowledging the feel of an inner zing capsule invasion (read in my boo will encourage you to want to go on other mind trips. 

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Absurdities rekindle childlike patterns, encouraging rejuvenation throughout the brain and body – sometimes, believing impossible things really is good for you.


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   What have you seen, heard, or touched today, that you have never encountered in your life before? You will be hard-pressed to come up with an answer. This is because the well of new things to see and do gradually runs dry as we get older. A ‘first’ (a virginal sight of sound, etc.) is like a rare butterfly sighting. But this can all be changed, for we have an amazing power-tool called the imagination. By using the imagination we can invent, create, even lie to ourselves and discover ‘firsts’ (novel sensory inputs).

   Why should I want to invent or create?

The brain is jogged by a major event – something new and/or absurd. Children live in a world of absurdity, they have yet to see and know it all; for them, there still exists skeletons in cupboards, fairies at the bottom of the garden, and Santa Claus in Lapland! This newness, ‘firsts’, is unlike normal brain energy; general run-of-the-mill brain stuff doesn’t require extra attention, but absurdity does. An unidentifiable idea enters the brain and has no friends (matching data); it is an absurd/new concept. Your eyes can hardly keep up with children playing in a playground because they are full to the brim with biological energy. Children, because all is new/absurd to them, ceaselessly convert virginal sensory input into energy. The more energy the child expends the more the body reproduces. The child perpetually sees new, and burns energy to leave room for more newness.


   If you create a song, poem, or picture, you are using raw cosmic energy. A planet, man, animal, or plant, all came into being through the manipulation of raw cosmic energy. Raw cosmic energy is latent substance, which when manipulated in a certain way creates life, objects, or whatever. 1,000 years ago there was no such thing as an aeroplane. Since then many people have manipulated raw cosmic energy (in the form of mental energy) and converted it into physical reality. A little child is channelling raw cosmic energy incessantly, because all is new and unknown. Try this little mind exercise so that you can get a taste of this novel stimulus.


Do you know that you are a natural born creator? As a child you had no trouble bringing a toy soldier to life and sending it off to war, or believing that your doll was real and needed motherly love. Let yourself go and allow your childlike imagination to take the reins. Think the most illogical things that you can, then incessantly repeat these illogical ideas within the brain. The brain will electrify with pure cosmic energy. It is what the brain yearns for but rarely gets. That is why the brain becomes sluggish; it likes new stuff, not the old and dull that occupies every minute of the day. No wonder the brain reacts to absurdity by filling your heart with gladness and your veins with childlike energy, for the brain is reborn, consciously reborn by you, the higher self.



An octopus playing basketball

Prepare for meditation in the careful way you always do and bring your absurdity to the foreground of your mind, for instance: ‘An octopus playing basketball’.

   See the weird creature juggling the ball between eight sinewy tentacles; imagine the super speed that he could bounce the ball using each of his slippery arms. In your mind’s eye create a game for ten minutes using the octopus dribbling and spinning the ball amongst the other tall lanky basketball players helplessly trying to get back the ball. Give the eight-armed star a face and a name; he must become real to your senses. Perhaps you brushed past him in your attempts to recapture the ball; imagine how wet and slippery he must feel. He would smell of the sea and fish, and on the rare occasion you hold the ball it has all these sea elements on its surface.

   Absurdities rekindle childlike patterns throughout the brain and body; in terms of sense datum the practitioner’s biological clock immediately rewinds. In the next example it is possible to activate and witness sensorimotor activation: ‘Imagine that you have two invisible limbs, such as two extra arms’.

   Imagine that you have two long tentacles alongside your arms. Starting at the shoulder blades the phantom limbs stretch a hand’s length further that your real arms. The next time you’re in the kitchen, imagine reaching out for things in cupboards and drawers with your new additions. Persevere and you’ll get a shock by the fact that you’ll actually begin to feel the phantom limbs!

   Continue in this way to deeply impress upon your brain the ideas of your new absurdities. See if you can come up with at least one bizarre or illogical concept a day. Remember that absurdities lie in books, television, and in real life.


   Pure essence of mind, or ‘first’, creates biological energy: fusion occurs in the sun between hydrogen atoms to make helium. Chemistry is spontaneous interaction, especially between atomic and molecular systems. A pure thought (latent energy) fuses with physical matter and is converted into biological energy. This biological energy I refer to as ‘zing capsules’. Absurdities induce fleets of these ‘zing capsules’ (atoms filled with biological energy) which zoom around the body distributing childlike energy at various destinations. As an absurdity in itself why not visualise these billions of ‘zing capsules’ charged with energy speeding around the body and brain. Below is some more food for thought.

If you have found this article interesting why not read more in my book:  ‘Use your Brain to elongate your Cell-by-Date