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In the greater scheme of things

I watch negative news and think about what is really important. I contemplate unfair parallels in life, and that keep things in perspective for me. We have a TV interviewer earning multimillion dollars for a TV company. Her guests live in a multimillion-dollar mansion, with multimillion-dollar deals with Spotify and Netflix, complaining about distasteful remarks made to them and how living in the spotlight gives them mental trauma. At the same time, the show they are on goes out to seventy countries around the world.

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You could be the belle of the ball

The other day I heard a woman remark, ‘What is the use of putting makeup on? No one is going to see me.’ When you feel depressed, the last thing on your mind is re-evaluating the way you look. You can’t be bothered to get out of bed, let alone shower, style your hair, and dress in the way you would if you were going to an evening ball. However, I am going to motivate you to do just that.



We grow up being told by our elders that we need great will power to break the chains of harmful habits. But will power has an enemy that defeats it in every battle fought- visualisation. You might repeatedly tell yourself not one drop of wine will touch my lips tonight. Then you wake up the… Continue reading WE CAN USE VISUALISATION AS A PRACTICAL TOOL.

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Are we in control of our mind? Are any of us free-thinking or is our brain-traffic being manipulated? For much of the wakeful time, yellow-coloured subtitle reruns like Sky News think for us. The organic computer (brain) is typing syntax as we work, rest, and play. Feeding information to intelligent body cells, each one a… Continue reading ARE WE IN CONTROL OF OUR MIND?

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Taking the reins of life

How can I change the way I run my life? I am who am I am, right? I always worry - I can't help that - I am made that way. Recognise these statements?    Do you decide what is happening today, or act according to come what may? Does negative news leave you in… Continue reading Taking the reins of life

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Imagine if you could walk up to somebody, and say, here are all my troubles, in my rucksack.  Take them. Imagine the load taken off you! You think, well that is a lovely idea, but of course it is not possible. But wait, if I had predicted what you would have to go through in… Continue reading UNIVERSAL INTELLIGENCE

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Are we changed forever into a higher thinking species.

Nuclear fallout What will the world be like after the pandemic? How will we feel? It will seem like coming out of our bunkers from a nuclear war and walking on the ashen white landscape that was once our world. We will fear each other just as we would radioactive fallout from the war. This… Continue reading Are we changed forever into a higher thinking species.