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Fantasising is like dreaming while you are awake. It is independent of the cold, harsh world of reality. Fantasising is woven into our genetic infrastructures. A child’s mind is alive with fantasy. A boy thoroughly believes his toy train is real, journeying through signals, tunnels, and in and out of railway stations. A girl pushes her pram because her baby doll needs to go for a walk. Children needn’t question anything because they don’t have the billion and one conflicting ideas that grown-ups wrestle. It would be nigh impossible for the man in the street to return home and play with a toy train set and seriously believe the whole train trip to be real.

   Fantasy carves out the destiny of many people. Children fantasise about being a footballer, nurse, pop star or whatever. Their eventual spouse might be someone they fantasised about kissing for years. Men and women’s fanciful ideas and ambitions fall by the wayside as they gradually become bogged down in the earthly quagmire. Most adults have no time to fantasise, or if they do, no time to put fantasies into practice. The world, it seems, is moving too fast for desired destinies to fall into place. Meditation and visualisation apply the brakes to life and give adults time to jump back to the world of fantasy and spiritual existence. If you can fantasise, then you can experience yourself healthy, youthful, and spiritually content.

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Crazy Idea

When we were small children our senses were inundated with novelty. Throughout the process of growing up we get familiar with sights, sounds, and smells, etc., we experience generation loss. The flavour of an orange becomes ordinary to the brain. ‘Crazy ideas’ is a way of restoring all-new ideas which can stimulate the brain and body in a similar way after a child.  I have provided a crazy idea (see the film) of a rotating silver skull wearing the feathered hat together with tarot cards. If you are able to sit silently with your eyes closed and generate the picture of the scull behind the closed eyes, and remain with the picture for a few minutes, soon after you will get the infusion  of childish energy.  See whether you can come up with some crazy ideas. For example, a tiptoeing mermaid on a dance floor. Once you have your crazy idea sit down with your eyes shut and think about this for at least five minutes. I’m confident that you will shortly feel the benefits from practising with the crazy idea.

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Use the gift of visualization

How often have you thought of things along these lines? I don’t have time to amble through dense forest, or climb mountains to look out far and wide from their snowy-tipped peaks, let alone saunter along the tracks of a babbling alpine stream and stargaze at the bejeweled twinkling night sky. I barely have time to finish my coffee in the morning before I rush off to get to work on time!

In this day and age of rush, rush,  rush, it is true, we don’t have much time to go exploring nature, and many of us are committed to a job that requires our presence five to six days a week . And when most of us have a holiday we can’t exactly say, okay guys, we are going trekking up the mountain path of Kilimanjaro.  The children want to play on the beach and swim in the sea and go on the fairground rides. So a reasonable question would be – how on earth are we expected to find the time to go out and appreciation nature?  

 The answer is visualization.

Nobody is professing visualizing yourself walking beside the flowing river with the sun on your back, birds singing, and fresh air pouring into your lungs is exactly equal to the physically experience of an early morning stroll beside the river. I am stating, cultivating the art of strongly visualizing yourself on the nature walk is the next best thing.  God gave you and I the wonderful gift of an imagination. Imagination is limitless. From the confines of your office you can strongly visualize ‘you’  on the beach with rolling white surfs, sunshine,  gull flying overhead, and  receive the physical pluses you experience attending the beach in person. Your parasympathetic nervous system and sympathetic nervous system respond to your conscious or unconscious thoughts, ideas, and inner images. Conscious visualization is a most underrated human faculty; every invention from the comb to the microchip originated in the imagination of an inventor / forward thinker. However busy your life might seem I can assure you you can find time to use your gift of imagination/visualization to improve your lifestyle, health, and slow down premature ageing.

Take a few minutes to sit down, close your eyes, and breathe smoothly and deeply. When you feel relaxed, imagine a dense fir forest, a snow-tipped mountain, or see you sauntering along the tracks of a babbling alpine stream. If you find when you look behind closed eyes you see everything but your desired subject don’t fret because this is not uncommon. I can give you some tips that may help you to receive stronger inner images.

(1) Although you subconsciously visualize performing actions  a fraction of a second before you carry them out,  conscious visualization  require a lot of practise. So don’t expect to see TV-like images in your head from the word go.  If you diligently practise consciously visualizing, it will bring you an invaluable tool that can turn your life around.

(2) Find pictures of your chosen subject on line or in a book and study the pictures to help you can reproduce the images behind closed eyes.

(3) Some people find listening to gentle music while they visualize helps with their concentration. Try it, and see if this method suits you. 

(4) One year, on a holiday, I found a sandy path that led to cliff tops where I enjoyed a majestic view of a rugged bay with white capped waves crashing onto its deserted beach. I took photos along the path I walked and stills of the rugged bay on a wet and windy morning. I have often looked at the photos of that lovely walk to the cliff tops, and the stills of the rolling tides coming inshore, before I start my session of visualization. You might find this helpful.

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